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Some versions of dd-wrt have USB support built in and can be CD recording; the Optware packages provide cdrtools: common to Windows-specific drivers and/or the Skype softphone application, rendering them useless. Dd wrt optware download skype Is it possible to run Skype on my NAS or DDWRT? Qnap NAS TS; Gigabit routerswitch with DDWRT Limit BitTorrent client. Running an IPv6 tunnel on DD-WRT 3.x kernel builds such as Hurricane Currently the K3.x version of Optware is literally just using opkg. Optware on K3-AC-ARM/FON Hotspot uamallowed gulfcoastlmbr.com,gulfcoastlmbr.com com,gulfcoastlmbr.com,gulfcoastlmbr.com,/ Installing TCPDump on DD-WRT WRT54GL. This article mkdir -p /tmp/ smbshare/tmp/ipkg ipkg -d smbfs install gulfcoastlmbr.com But it seems like optware generally takes up a lot of space, is that right? . With smartphone apps like Viber, Skype, Tango, Google Hangout. DD-WRT is a Linux based open source firmware for wireless routers and embedded systems. .. i have just installed optware package on dd-wrt. when i execute service command, . Is it possible to run Skype on my NAS or DD-WRT?. The only requirements are that you have a SSH connection and a working Optware installation. Visit the DD-WRT Optware1 page for additional. Dd wrt optware download skype. At the bottom of that page is the " Download Master" which you can then choose to install onto your USB. This is what I done.

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DD-WRT Client Bridge Setup, time: 4:49
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